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If you were raised in this area you may or may not have your opinion of just what was discarded in the dump behind St. Michaels School. My memories were from 3M in Brsitol Township; along with the rats were discarded spools of fiberglass tape that were ever so handy for my childhood projects. Former Councilman Ed Czyzyk mostly remembers Gould Battery from Trenton; he doesn't't recall the details but one would expect lead waste products and sulfuric acid. Long-time Tullytown Mayor Dave Cutchineal recalls a fire in the dump which burned ugly for a long time. He refers to the event as Black Sunday. Finally, it was only several decades ago that the area was due for baseball playing fields, plans of which were canceled over concerns about what lies below.

And now there are plans to build housing there? Could this turn into Tullytown's own Love Canal?