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Tullytown Budget Not Trimmed Despite Landfill Closing

"The landfill is closing." With those words spoken, one would expect Tullytown Council to start trimming the budget… anywhere, somewhere! Not in Tullytown though. Tuesday evening's council meeting saw council passing a preliminary 2016 budget with hardly a cut. Councilman Armstrong was the only NO vote with the absent Councilman Ed Czyzyk saying afterwards he could not approve a budget without some kind of cost cuts with the landfill so near to closing.

Support to the Levittown-Fairless Hills Rescue Squad was cut earlier in the year though, from $10,000 to 5,000, and next year's annual borough picnic will clip attendees $5 a head. Several months ago council refused Honor Flight when asked for a $500 donation but went on the cheap for $100, guess they don't wan't to thank the remaining WWII and Korean veterans before they're all gone - like the money will soon be in Tullytown's coffers.

Armstrong and Czyzyk both said they had plans to increase revenues while protecting the annual gift check but find themselves on a council that refuses to listen to anything they have to offer for the betterment of the town. Rick Adams, May Kucher, Maryann Gahagan, Holly Pirolli and Matt Pirolli along with Mayor Dave Cutchineal have yet to suggest how they intend to save a town that's heading back to the past - before the landfill. Can't remember? We were broke.