Challenge to Council Member
"It's all lies" Kucher:
Show us where we lied

Bristol Pilot: " is an unofficial newsletter put out by some members of council and Kucher claims is laced with lies about political opponents."

If this sounds familiar it's because Kucher made the same "It's all lies" comment during last year's general election. She attempted to disconnect herself from a matter in which Tullytown Police served a search warrant on a resident after one of Kucher's campaign signs disappeared. She can deny that one all day long but documents previously shown on continue to bring the truth to light.

The challenge is on Councilman Kucher! Prove wrong and we will issue a correction and apology.


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Tullytown Rebate Checks in the Mail

Here's some good news for property owners in Tullytown Borough: The check is in the mail.

Tullytown Council has also set aside $6,000 for each property owner in their 2013 as well.

Following is a short list of recent years' Property Improvement Stipends.

As a relatively small community with a large landfill, Tullytown has been the benefactor of hundreds of millions of dollars in tipping fees since the landfill opened in 1988. At the time Tullytown was bankrupt and an about ready to ask the state for a hand.











Latest crash at Rt. 13 & Levittown Parkway
Casts Questions on Councilman Kucher's
"Smoke and Mirrors" Comment

Earlier this year Tullytown Councilman May Kucher referred to concerns over Rt. 13 safety made by County Commissioner Diane Marseglia, Bucks County Planning Commission, Tullytown Councilman Ed Armstrong and others as "smoke and mirrors".

We're not sure about the "mirrors" but Thursday, October 25 an accident almost caused a lot of smoke as a Rt. 13 southbound truck carrying oxygen and acetylene tanks was T-boned by an auto on Levittown Parkway crossing over Rt. 13 after running a red light. We are pleased to report that there were no fatalities or serious injuries involved, this time.

Armstrong and Kucher have verbally sparred over the
Rt. 13 safety issue since May of this year when Tullytown Council rejected the planned safety improvements which almost killed the scheduled $40M project.

Following that rejection, Armstrong, along with Councilmen Ed Czyzyk and Bryan Servis, called for a special meeting on the subject. Part way through the meeting Kucher abruptly made a motion to adjourn the meeting much to the chagrin of the three councilman who called for the meeting.

Shortly afterwards Armstrong, Czyzyk and Servis called for another special meeting. The third meeting was a charm though somewhat tarnished with Kucher, Rick Adams and Matt Pirolli killing sidewalks and landscaping along Tullytown's section or Rt. 13.

Armstrong, a 10 year member of the Rt. 13 Study Committee and one not to mince words, has called the objections to the project "asinine" and a denial of the over 20 fatalities that have occurred in that area. Council President Rick Adams comments that "if a sidewalk is placed next to Rt. 13 then people will use it and a car might jump the curb and hit a pedestrian using the sidewalk" caused Armstrong to shake his head in disbelief.


Photo courtesy of Bucks County Courier Times