Council Member May Kucher

These Signs Were Removed

But These Signs Were Allowed


"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." So said Buddha some 500 years before Christ set foot on this Earth. It is a truth that continues.

And so that brings us to Tullytown Councilman May Kucher who admitted at the October 2 Tullytown Council meeting to removing tullytownnews.com signs throughout the borough. She claims not to have stolen them but rather removed them in her role as Chair of Tullytown's Streets Department. Hmm!

When asked then why did she only removed signs for tullytownnews.com that day, she insisted that she removed all illegal signs. Multiple witnesses, however, distinctly remember Verizon and other signs littering Levittown Parkway long after tullytownnews.com signs were removed. In fact, it certainly appears that other signs were not removed until Kucher realized she had been caught in the act by multiple witnesses and a local business's' security cameras.

Going back to a councilman acting in their official capacity, should our residents now expect some lame-brain council member to issue a cease and desist order on their construction site after seeing a code violation or a problem with permits? What training must that councilman have to act in such a matter, and where in the law is this right spelled out?

If nothing else we have gotten closer to the truth of the matter. What was, "all lies" in Kucher's previous words has been replaced by, "I took the signs in my capacity as Streets Department chair."

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts. Abraham Lincoln made that statement and we truly hope that the People following this matter will understand the real facts, not Kucher's version of the facts but the facts..

Déjà vu All Over Again

What would May Kucher do if someone took one of her signs? Well we already know the answer to that riddle, remember last November's General Election? We do. The following was on this very web site at that time. At the time she said, "Lie. lies, it's all lies" the documents at the lower left of this page show the accuser tells lies.

May Kucher [illegally] placed two of her election signs on a property located on Serpentine Lane without first asking permission.  The resident is not a supporter of May Kucher, collected the signs and gave them to the Tullytown Judge of Elections with the instructions, "Please give these to May Kucher when you see her on Election Day."

 The Judge of Elections just happens to live directly across the street from the resident.  Kucher, herself a former Tullytown Judge of Elections and candidate for Tullytown Council is well aware that the Judge of Elections lives there.  Kucher also knows that the residents at that household have no horse in this race, they are supporting no one in this election.

 When Kucher became aware of the two signs (worth about $8 each) now sitting  against the Judge of Election's house she chose to file a complaint with Tullytown Police rather  that bothering to ask the individual why they were on her property.

 Two patrol cars arrived at the property sometime after six o'clock and parked in a manner that prevented the resident from leaving.   One of the officers confiscated the signs and placed them in the trunk of his patrol vehicle.  Another officer left the premises and returned with a search warrant signed by District Justice Robert Wagner.  The search warrant was then presented to the resident.  She and her husband attempted to explain to the police officers the details of how the signs ended up on their property.  Their efforts were to no avail.

Different rules, no?


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Councilman May Kucher: "I took the signs in my capacity as Streets Department Chair."

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Monday's Bristol Pilot and today's Courier Times have news stories about a former Tullytown councilman issuing what appears to be an improper subpoena. District Attorney Dave Heckler makes reference to Tullytown politicians as knuckleheads and it is hard to disagree with him, after all, were it not for those very same knuckleheads there would be no need for tullytownnews.com. With all due respect to Judge Heckler, an honorable, intelligent gentleman with a fair degree of patience, misuse of a subpoena is all but invited. Following is a real scenario.

Your 13-year-old just got arrested for shoplifting at the local shopping center. Like most parents you want a copy of the police incident report. By the time you get done you will think that perhaps you were requesting to borrow the Holy Grail to sip beer at your Super Bowl party. Here's how it goes:

Parent: Hello, my name is Mr. Smith and my child was arrested for shoplifting yesterday. I would like a copy of the incident report.

Police: No problem, just come back with a subpoena.

Parent: How do I get a subpoena?

Police: Silence.

Parent now goes home, brings up Google on his computer and types in “Bucks County subpoena”. The first hit is: http://www.bucks county.org/government/row officers/
f. Nah, that doesn't't look like what I want. So you check out the second hit and this is what you get: http://www.bucks county.org/onlineServices/index.aspx. Scroll down the list on the right hand side and bingo, there it is: Subpoena to produce documents… pay-dirt! Simply click on it and in a blink of an eye you now have the very subpoena that the Police Department requested, with it are no stated rules, regulations or instructions on its proper use. Therein lies the problem. On the Court's very own web site!

On further observance you notice that at the upper right corner there is a spot for File No. File number you say? Is that the police incident report file number, the number that would be on the incident report that am looking for in the first place? Wrong, it would be the file number that the prothonotary of Bucks County provided you had you filed a civil suit on the matter. In essence it would appear that the only damn way you're going to get that police report, and a proper subpoena, is to pony up a couple bucks to file a civil suit for a simple police incident report.

And that is precisely how it happened.

CORRECTION: Yesterday's tullytownnews.com spelled subpoena incorrectly as subpoena [sic]. We were hoping its roots to be French in which case we would have an excuse but alas… its Latin. Our apologies for the faux pas. [That's French]

Different Outcome for Others?

If you have read the above and the official police paperwork to the left it may have you wondering how there can be two entirely different outcomes under similar circumstances. To obtain a search warrant for a man's castle is pretty serious business; our forefathers even went so far as to place this silly little amendment in our constitution:

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Need a Subpoena?