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Date: March 8, 2012

Tullytown is receiving yet another snapshot of "Tullytown as May Kucher Wants It". Barely three months into office, she has not only been the deciding voice in the removal of the best manager Tullytown has ever had but now wants to break an almost quarter-century promise of Council to maintain trees along Main Street.

Kucher made that proposal at the March 6 meeting of Tullytown Council. Councilman Ed Czyzyk reminded Kucher that Council made a promise in the early 1990s to maintain into perpetuity trees that line the boulevard we know as Main Street. Kucher, a fairly new resident to Tullytown, seemed not to care about Czyzyk's recollection of events in the 1990s and pressed on to have Council abandon the trees which would cause residents to bear the expense of maintaining them.

Note: Following protests from the public, council at the July regular council meeting opted to establish a Shade Tree Commission which will offer council advice before the removal or replacement of trees.

Kucher then went on to hog the microphone for almost 45 minutes, airing her complaints about residents not bringing trash cans up from the curb quickly enough, "…there's an ordinance that says…", as she rambled on.

Watch out folks! The Inspection Police, under direction of Sheriff Kucher, may well visit you about your violation of "Tullytown as May Kucher Wants It". Remember, she has previously expressed her views that the annual rebate or "gift" check be denied to homeowners that do not keep their properties up to her standards. This is what we call a slippery slope, wandering into the very difficult and arbitrary gray areas between black and white.

Rt. 13 Safety Improvements Almost Killed
Following years of study and public input PennDOT has a plan designed to reduce fatalities along the stretch of Route 13 from Levittown Parkway to Route 413. Convincing Tullytown Borough Council however has been yet another matter.

At the council meeting of May 8, the proposed $40 million safety project was rejected by council members Rick Adams, Mary Ann Gahagan, May Kucher and Matt Pirolli.

Council members Armstrong, Czyzyk and Servis called for a special meeting to be held on May 15. There were 2 items on the agenda that evening, one was public discussion of the Route 13 plans, the other was council discussion of the Route 13 plans. Council VP May Kucher wasted no time in immediately casting a motion to adjourn the meeting before council even had a chance to discuss it. Council President Rick Adams seconded her motion.

Armstrong, Czyzyk and Servis called for yet another special meeting to be held on May 22.

By that time the reluctant council members had carried out secret phone conversations with state legislators and PennDOT and decided to go with the project less sidewalks along Route 13 and less landscaping along the Route 13 median that runs through Tullytown.

For his part Councilman Matt Pirolli has offered his 'expert' opinion that removing jug handles in favor of left-turn lanes at Levittown Parkway and Rt. 13 is "stupid." Stupid is as stupid does. He actually had issue with removal of the dangerous jug handle that runs directly through a parking lot, the only PennDOT jug handle in the state that passes through someone else's developed property.

Council President Rick Adams commented that if a sidewalk is placed next to Rt. 13 then people will use it and a car might jump the curb and hit a pedestrian using the sidewalk. Should we believe that it's safer to walk along the shoulder of Rt. 13?

The lack of landscaping along Rt. 13 is also a loss to Tullytown. Tullytown receives a portion of every dollar spent at the shopping center through a mercantile tax - more sales means more tax revenue for the borough. Beautifying the local roads and entrances to the center is what entices shoppers to stop by and spend their money in Tullytown

Isn't this what we want?

Making the Rt. 13 median ugly surely won't be enticing shoppers any time soon.

Tullytown Investments Questioned
As he did during his four years on Council, now resident George Fox is demanding hard answers about the returns Tullytown is receiving on the investments of its landfill surplus. He also wants

to know why a direct order of Council, in December 2011, to move investments from PLGIT to Valley Forge Asset Management was never carried out. In a recent "Right to Know" request he asked for documents that may shed light on the question.

We will update on this matter once Fox receives answers.

Rt. 13 - Safe or Dangerous?
Since earlier this year, council members Ed Armstrong and May Kucher have been facing off on the issue of just how dangerous US Route 13 is where it passes through our stretch of Bucks County.

Kucher repeatedly refers to comments by Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia, Bucks County Planning Commission, Bucks County Redevelopment Authority and Mr. Armstrong as “smoke and mirrors”. She utilized this phrase earlier in the year and at the September 4 Council meeting, not dangerous but "smoke and mirrors".

In her argument Kucher continues to pick a recent timeline without fatalities as proof that Rt. 13 is not dangerous, even though the intersection remains the same. Mr. Armstrong, who has spent 10 years on the Rt. 13 study committee, provides statistics dating back to 1985 showing multiple fatal accidents not just at the intersection of Levittown Parkway and Route 13 but also at other intersections of Route 13 within Tullytown Borough. Even PennDOT acknowledges the stretch of Route 13 between Route 413 and Levittown Parkway as one of the state's deadliest highways. For reasons unknown Kucher continues to argue otherwise. She's entitled to her own opinions but not her own facts.