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Date: General Election 2011

In September 2010 Tullytown Council hired Carmen Raddi as "Coordinator," a make-believe name from over a decade ago which is not recognized or defined by the Pennsylvania Borough Code, the bible by which borough operations must be operated under Pennsylvania law. Given Mr. Raddi's extensive educational background, years of managing the much larger local municipalities of Bensalem Township and Bristol Township, and the need to match his title with actual job duties and requirements of the Borough Code, he was made "Manager" through an ordinance in February 2011. By any standards he has done an excellent job. Those who believe that $58,000 is excessive for a borough manager need only look back to 1992 when Bob Shellenberger was made manager at a salary of $39,000 plus an incredible, almost ridiculous benefit package (click here to see it). If Shellenberger kept the job and received the same yearly pay increases as other borough employees he would now be earning in excess of $110,000 per year plus benefits, Mr. Raddi earns $58,000.

When the new council majority takes office in January they are looking to fire this genuine professional and bring in one of their political hacks (underlining added for emphasis). Click HERE to stop the madness.

Date: January 3, 2012

Backing down from her promise not to remove Tullytown Borough Manager Carmen Raddi, newly sworn council member MAY KUCHER sat silent as her cronies on Council, RICK ADAMS, MATT PIROLLI and MARYANN GAHAGAN met in private council chambers to force Raddi's ouster. The dirty deed occurred shortly after Kucher's swearing-in along with Councilmen Ed Armstrong and Ed Czyzyk at 6:35pm Tuesday, January 3, only moments before Kucher started her first meeting on Council.

Though nothing was said at the time, it was obvious from the look on Mr. Raddi's face as to what had happened immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. Raddi, the consummate gentleman and professional, continued serving the community until the end of the meeting. Council members Armstrong, Czyzyk and Servis were not factually aware at what had transpired until they followed Mr. Raddi into his office following adjournment of the meeting.

During the election Kucher continually stated that it was all, "Lies, lies, lies" when Armstrong, Czyzyk and

then Councilman George Fox told the public that Kucher, along with ADAMS, PIROLLI and GAHAGAN, was a conspirator in Raddi's removal once she took office (see article below). Kucher even commented that Raddi was a, "good Italian" like herself and that she was pleased with his excellent work.

It is now obvious that the only lies were coming from Kucher's own mouth. The "good Italian" is now gone.

Tullytown's  new counsel majority has left the town in a lurch.  Aside from the firing of the borough manager, they also informed the borough engineer that his firm's services are no longer needed as well.

Running a town is like tending to a patient, with the patient's never-ending list of new ailments and problems. Would you fire your doctor while in the middle of chemotherapy for cancer? Would you fire your lawyer during the closing arguments of a lawsuit you're obviously winning?  Of course not! That would be ridiculous - just as leaving the town with no one at the helm is.


Now that the partridge in a pear tree season is over, other visions and music of old come to mind. Whether it be, “When will we ever learn?” by Pete Seeger or the technician in the Verizon commercials asking, “Can you hear me now”.

Well, Dear Tullytown residents, now do you believe what Tullytown Council candidates Armstrong, Czyzyk and Fox warned you of? These three public servants have had in the blink of an eye four years of hard work tossed aside by council members interested more about their relative's jobs than our town and its residents.

Where will it end? Will they now stop the Route 13 project that is about to start any day? Perhaps they will discourage SEPTA from constructing a new train station now scheduled to start shortly after the Route 13 construction, or toss aside Carmen Raddi's long-term financial plans for a Tullytown without a landfill? How about open space plans or dredging Franklin Cove so boats can once again appear on Tullytown's shore?

The sad future of our town started yesterday. “Can you hear me now?”