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Tullytown Council Continues to Remove Signs Advertising this Site

Former Tullytown Councilman George Fox wants to make a point: Citizens still have the right to advertise their political dissent. The problem is that Tullytown Borough just doesn't get it. Fox has continually placed a sign along Levittown Parkway that advertises this site tullytownnews.com.

A frequent target of the site is Council-member May Kucher who has pressed for the removal of the sign each time it is posted. The issue goes back to September 2012 when multiple witnesses saw Kucher remove the signs. Fox took that issue to a district court in Morrisville where he prevailed. The judge in that case District Justice Michael Burns stated in open court that he found Kucher's testimony not credible.

The case eventually went to federal court with Fox again prevailing and Tullytown's insurance carrier paying damages of $7,500. To Fox it's not about the money but rather the principle of the matter, "Our rights are useless if we don't exercise them," Fox stated.

Given that Kucher is named in the suit the big question is whether Tullytown taxpayers will be forced to pick up her legal fees as was the case with the first sign theft incident. In that case Kucher insisted she was removing the signs in her official capacity as a council-member.


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